Rob Plummer on Mark 1: 35-39

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While certainly not the whole scope of the sermon, the following are a few quotations from Rob Plummer’s exposition of Mark 1:35-39 at Sojourn Community Church:

“The gospel of Mark is an announcement of what God has done in Christ.”

“What you get up early for reflects what you truly value.”

“Where we don’t have a ‘golden calf’ in America, we do have a ‘Tickle Me Elmo.'”

“Jesus was busier than we will ever be, but he still found time to show love and devotion to His Father.”

“Here is the only person to ever live in complete love, devotion, and communion with God.”

“The bad news is that we are much worse than we could ever imagine.  The good news is Christ’s imputed righteousness.”

“We are freed to live in the good, gracious land of God’s acceptance [in Christ].”

“Christ’s private life and public life were completely enmeshed.”

“Don’t make your private time with God an idol to keep you from loving your neighbor.”

“W.D.J.D?  He led a blameless life and died a sacrificial death.”


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February 6, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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