“Getting Our Story Right” – Albert Mohler on Romans 8:18-30

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Today, Dr. Albert Mohler preached at Southern Seminary’s spring convocation on Romans 8:18-30.  The following is an audio clip of the student body and faculty singing “In Christ Alone”:

Here are some quotes from the sermon:

“Over and against the promises of God, our suffering is a slight, momentary affliction.”

“It takes training to see what the eye cannot see.”

“The future is absolutely secured in the promises and power of God.”

“The story we sing now will be the same story in the new song we sing in glory.”

“Though post-modernism denies a meta-narrative, describing post-modernity requires a meta-narrative.”

“Every worldview tries to answer the questions of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation.”

“If we did not fall in Adam, how can we then be redeemed in Christ?”

“If there is no historic Adam and Eve, then there is no historic Fall.”

“If the future is not a fixed score, then we are undone.  If God doesn’t know the future, then the apostle Paul is a liar and our hope is in vain.”

You can watch the chapel video here:


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