Jonathan Edwards Answers the Question: “What is Faith?”

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The following are some definitions of faith that I found on (a great resource for those trying to stay hip):

“Insubstantial, irrational belief.”

“Belief not supported by evidence or reason, but assumption alone.”

“Glorified Ignorance.”

“To believe that someone or something will come through for you especially during difficult and sad times.”

“An infamous slayer character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Eliza Dushku.”

Faith, though a very confused word, is a very important one.  Jonathan Edwards presents a great definition of true, saving faith in “God Glorified in Man’s Dependence”:

Faith is a sensibleness of what is real in the work of redemption; and the soul that believes doth entirely depend on God for all salvation, in its own sense and act.  Faith abases men, and exalts God; it gives all the glory of redemption to him alone.  It is necessary in order to saving faith, that man should be emptied of himself, be sensible that he is ‘wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.’

Hath any man hope that he is converted, and sanctified, and that his mind is endowed with true excellency and spiritual beauty?  That his sins are forgiven, and he received into God’s favor, and exalted to the honor and blessedness of being his child, and an heir of eternal life?  Let him give God all the glory; who alone makes him to differ from the worst of men in this world, or the most miserable of the damned in hell.

I recommend reading the sermon in its entirety here:


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