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This paragraph in the conclusion of The End For Which God Created the World by Jonathan Edwards is (at least one of) my favorite paragraphs in any book that I have ever read.  Thought I’d share:

The emanation or communication of the divine fullness, consisting in the knowledge of God, love to him, and joy in him, has relation indeed both to God and the creature:  but it has relation to God as its fountain, as the thing communicated is something of its internal fullness.  The water in the stream is something of the fountain; and the beams of the sun are something of the sun.  And again, they have relation to God as their object:  for the knowledge communicated, is the knowledge of God; and the love communicated, is the love of God; and the happiness communicated, is joy in God.  In the creature’s knowing, esteeming, loving, rejoicing in, and praising God, the glory of God is both exhibited and acknowledged; his fullness is received and returned.  Here is both an emanation and remanation.  The refulgence shines upon and into the creature, and is reflected back to the luminary.  The beams of glory come from God, are something of God, and are refunded back again to their original.  So that the whole is of God, and in God, and to God; and he is the beginning, and the middle, and the end.



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March 24, 2011 at 1:46 am

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