Model Questions, Part 3: “How Can a Man be Born Again When He is Old?”

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When you’re a kid everything is new. Every morning there is something new to experience, someone new to meet, a new food to try, a new game to play, a new tree to climb.  Life is molded by imagination and the world is full of opportunities. Kids see potential and possibility in the smallest things. A couch is a fort; a house cat is a lion; the family dog is a race horse; a bicycle is a motorcycle; a used paper towel roll is a trumpet or a rocket launcher.

Over time though, the gap between imagination and reality closes. Newness fades, and we harden, and settle. The moldable clay of childhood is hardened by the sun of repetition and aging.

Jesus tells Nicodemus that to enter God’s kingdom, you have to become new again, because without new eyes, a new heart, a new imagination, you can’t see what God has for you.  God’s kingdom is like a maternity ward, full of new people. Nicodemus asked a good question that we should all ask, “Is there a way to restore what has been lost? How can I become new again? My innocence before God was lost a long time ago. I’m tired of this cycle of futility; what is the point?”

If you feel the weight of those questions, ask, “How can I be born again even when I’m getting older and there’s no going back?”


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September 10, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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